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Tensonite offers consultancy for all kinds of pre-fabricated structures. This includes design consultation, concept, patterning, load analysis, shape finding, detailed drawings, structural steel & fabric fabrication, installation and maintenance.

Fabric structures are used as lightweight protective shelter, aesthetic identifications for roof tops, malls, swimming pools, stadiums, car parking, amphitheater, cafeterias, pathways, stages etc. Tensile structures utilize technical fabric as membranes, combining cables, anchors, clamps and plates with bare minimum frames spanning great distances.


  • Professional designs, engineering and fabrication
  • On time delivery, installation and completion
  • Choice design, shape and application are accommodated
  • Engineered according to international standards
  • Resistance to adverse atmospheric condition (waterproof, UV protected, fire resistant and anti dust).
  • Installation convenience – easy, fast, reliable and can be reinstalled.

TENT  Our tents make your events more special

We provide unique tents for events, product launches, parties, all outdoor events and exhibitions. We have variant color and color design schemes to choose from. Our tents are made of PVC coated fabrics and MS steel frames or powder coated frames or GI frames. We have a wide range of customized sizes and easy to install, attractive tents for all occasions.